Archive-It Services is a Private Limited Company which was incorporated in 2002, providing tailor made solutions in our area of expertise of filing, archiving and records management services to over 60 organisations currently in Zimbabwe and Malawi. A subsidiary of the ACL Holdings group, Archive-It Services was formed to bridge the service gap within the economy by providing custodianship for records. With a 4,100m2 current purpose-built Records Centre, Archive-It Services boasts of its large capacity to hold records with top notch disaster recovery and preparedness plans in place. This has been achieved through years of unparalleled success that has seen to the expansion of operations by way of opening of branches in Malawi and Bulawayo, to add on to the Harare main branch.


“We do not search, we find”. This governs all our operations in how our service is fast, easy, convenient and accurate where Records Management is concerned. We Focus on managing your data so you can focus on your business.

Mission Statement

To honestly serve the needs of our valuable clients by providing tailor made solutions to on/offsite document sorting, records indexing, storage boxes, supply of printed index list, retrieval and destruction of expired records.

Safety and confidentiality has been the top priority to our clients.

Management and employees have a unique nature of character and are sorely responsible for their actions.


The following are shared core values and underpinned by a relentless desire to excel:- Teamwork - We recognize that overall success will depend on our relentless pursuit of the, one company, one team concept. Our team spirit binds us together, transcending divisional and functional boundaries. We all work hard towards a common goal and deliver beyond expectation.

Innovation - We are committed to improvement and application of creative ideas, introduction of new concepts and approaches to improve and safeguard the strategic interests of our customers.

Integrity - We abide by our ethics, remain honest and inspire trust by saying what we mean. We match our conduct to our word.

Customer focus - We are dedicated to creating lasting value and brand to our customers by developing and providing unique high end value solutions. We therefore strive to meet and excel customer expectations at every opportunity, as well as building lasting relationships.

Safety - We champion safety at work, safety in operations, safety in conduct in the environment.

Development - We value individual contribution, encourage self development and personal commitment to life long learning. We recognize that valuable ideas come from individuals and corporate excellence come from the sum total of our collective effort.